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 .... potential in the treatment of spasticity, no research has been
 8. Marijuana Has an Accepted Medical Use with
 Severe Restrictions in the Treatment of
 Based upon the forgoing discussion, there is no
 question that patients overwhelmingly accept marijuana as an
 effective means of treating muscle spasticityo Their opinion has
 been confirmed by DroDenis Petro_ who concludes that marijuana
 indeed has a _currently accepted medical use with severe
 restrictions. _II/ Many other doctors accept marijuanaSs medical
 utility in the treatment of spasticity. At least one court, has
 ruled that a patientSs mmedical necessity _ for marijuana in the
 treatment of his spasticity is more important than enforcing the
 drug laws against him_ However, additional research is necessary
 toscientifically confirm the results°
 Even sos there is overwhelming evidence demonstrating
 that the drug does have a _currently accepted medical use with
 severe, restrictions_ _ Spasticity is an incurable condition, the
 end-users of the drug -_ patients -- have overwhelmingly found it
 acceptable° Most doctors haveeither actively or tacitly
 approved of its use as a _last resort _ method of treatment. With
 these considerations in minds and because marijuana is exceed-
 ingly safe a= particularly vis-aovis the other drugs prescribed
 for spasticity o- marijuana has achieved sufficient acceptance
 for rescheduling purposes.
 717/_ Affidavit of Dr_ Denis Petro, _ 99-100.

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