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 invest a penny in research to determine _rijuana_s medical
 utility in the treatment of _his debilitating condition_
 Most significant of all, for purposes of this pro-
 ceeding_ none of the Government witnesses has introduced a
 scintilla of evidence suggesting that marijuana does not work, or
 that it:is somehow unsafe vis-a-vis the other drugs available to
 treat epamticity. They simply repeat the worn-out refrain that
 additional research is necessary knowing full well that
 marijuana_s current scheduling will never permit this research to
 actually occur.
 The Hpurported_ lack of interest by most physicians in
 conducting research projects of this types alleged by Dr.
 Reingold, is not hard to understand. As Harvard Professor Norman
 Zinber_ testified, physicians are extremely reluctant to get
 involved with a Schedule I drug--particularly marijuana. 715/ Dr_
 Regeison of the University of Virginia concurred, stating
 emphatically that peer pressure, if nothing else_ would deter
 researchers who were, at the same time, trying to develop their
 careers o 716 /
 Thus_ unless marijuana is rescheduled_ it is quits
 unlikely that additional research in this vital area will be
 conductedŽ Tragically, despite the fact that the United States
 Government and the National Multiple Sclerosis Society have been
 aware for the past ten years that marijuana has great medical
 715/ Cross=examination of Dr. Norman Zinberg_ Tr. Ii_211.
 716/ Cross-examination of William Regelson_ Tr. 13-32, 13-59_

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