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 ................. _.- Additional _esear_h _.
 Despite the cohesive and consistent reports by patients
 that marijuana works in the treatment of spasticity_all of the
 government's affiants addressing this issue contend that
 insufficient research has been conducted to determine whether or
 not marijuana has medical utility° _12J _nere is no question that
 additional research is always important with respect to drug
 ..... utility_ Dro Zinberg, for example, agreed that he would like to
 see additional research -- one small study -- to absolutely
 confirm marijuanaes utility in the treatment of spasticityo 713/
 However_ it appears that as long as marijuana remains an illegal
 Schedule I drug, this research will not be conducted° Dr. Steven
 Reingo!d, Assistant Vice President for Research and the Director
 of Grants Management for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society_
 testified proudly that the Multiple Sclerosis Society had spent
 $105 million on research regarding the treatment of multiple
 sclerosis. _14/ Despite this enormous e_enditure, not a penny of
 research money has been spent to confirm whether or not the
 reports of patients and doctors regarding marijuana_s medical
 utility are correct. Most shocking of all, the United States
 Government, while funding over $50 million of studies in an
 effort to prove that marijuana is unsafep has likewise failed to
 712/ Seer _a,, Affidavit of Dr° Donald Silberbergs at 7 (need
 for additional double-blind studies to confirm medical utility);
 Affidavit of Dr. Kenneth Po Johnson_ at '7 (same).
 __13/ Cross-examination of Dr. Norman Zinberg, Tr. i1-193-& ii-194_
 714/ Affidavit of Dr. Steven Reingold, at 2.

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