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 . five thousand years of u_e _-D-4-/ Second, the therapeutic index of
 marijuana is very high and thus the drug is quite safe. 705/ The
 drug Ss safety is further enhanced by the fact that patients
 suffering from spasticity gain reliefafter smoking only small
 amounts of the drugs-probably only a single cigarette a day. _9-_/
 By contrasts he noted, drugs such as Vellum, Dantrium and
 Lioreeal have very low therapeutic indices. _-Q7/ Finaily_ Dr.
 Petro stated that marijuana reasonably could be considered as
 safe as Marinol (dronabinol)--an FDA-approved drug. _9-_/
 Regarding this matter, the Physicians" Desk Reference declares
 NFor practical purposes_ the nontherapeutio effects of Dronabinol
 may be considered essentially identical to those of marijuana and
 other centrally active cannabinoids. _7--_-/ This language, Dr.
 Petro testified, constitutes FDA-approved labeling for
 Marinolo !l-q/ Based upohthis information_ Dr Petro concluded_
 marijuana Uvery definitely _ is safe _nder medical supervision for
 the treatment of spasticity. _!-_/
 7Q_/ He acknowledged that two deaths were reported in North
 Africa during the early Nineteenth Century. These deaths_
 however, were probably not due to marijuana ingestion but to
 other complications. Cross-examination of Dro Denis Petro_ Tr.
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