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 ............. smoking marijuana. 69--_/ She stated_ _[ulinlike many other commonly
 prescribed drugs used in my NS therapy_ marijuana appears to be
 extremely safe. Ce_ainly, marijuana has posed less of a threat
 to me than either the steroids or the Vellum I once rooks #70Q/
 , Grew Paufler, who has smoked marijuana to treat his
 spasticity for seven years, stated that he _never experienced
 any serious adverse effects from [his] _se of marijuana. #_-QI/_
 Comparing marijuana to ACTHs Vellums and the other steroids,
 tranquilizers and sedatives prescribed _zo MS patients, Paufler
 noted that marijuanas while being the most effective drug to
 treat his conditions was #one of the safest_ most benign drugs
 ........ that I have usedo #29-_/
 Martha Hirsch agreed, stating that:
 marijuana is far safer than the prescription
 drugs that I have been given to treat MSo
 Certainly if I can smoke marijuana over a
 period of ten years without encountering even
 a single adverse reaction the drug must be
 considered to be _safe. _ Using marijuana
 under the care and with the help and guidance
 of a trsined physicians however, would pro-
 vide that extra margin of sa_y and
 security that patients need. _-_/
 Dro Denis Petro concurred completely with this posi-
 tion. He noted first that ingestion of marijuana-=either smoked
 ......_ or taken orally--has probably never caused a reported death in
 ____/ Affidavit of Valerie Covers _ 62
 !Q_I/ Affidavit of Greg Paufler, _ 72.
 702/ I,__% 
 703/ Affidavit of Martha Hirsch, _ 32_

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