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 _- minimizing the effects of multiple sclerosis, (spasticity) as
 marijuana. _9_/
 David Branstetter, who had been arrested for smoking
 marijuana in 1979s noted that neither his probation officer nor
 the court acted against him despite knowing that he continued
 using:-_arijuanaafter his probation began. _/ This inaction
 clearly_constituted tacit approval of Mro Branstetter_s medical
 use of marijuana for treatment of spasticity_
 6. Safety
 As discussed in Section III_ C, supra0 marijuana is one
 ..... of the safest drugs known to man. Without question, the drug may
 safely be employed in the treatment of _pasticity° °
 In the early 1840_ss Dr.o W_ Bo O_Shaughnessy, after
 conducting a wide-ranging series of animal tests_ reported the
 successful use of marijuana to treat convulsions resulting from
 rabies and tetanus. _7/ Despite using large amounts of the d_ig_
 .... _ his patients had no adverse effects from marijuana use under his
 supervision. 9-_-_/
 Patients currently using marijuana to treat spasticity
 have uniformly attested to the druges safety. Valerie Cover
 experienced no wsiqnificant or serious adverse effects _ from
 695/ _j_.
 ___/ Affidavit of David Branstetter, _ 28_
 _./ Marijuana; Medical_Papers 23-27_

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