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 ments after smoking marijuanao _-_/ He declared, "[p]atients that
 report [positive_ effects from marijuana don't like taking THC_
 after smoking a marijuana cigarettee they clearly have an
 improvement that is different from that seen from THCo "_87/ In
 effect, t.herefore_ Dr. Petro concluded that marijuana was
 superior to THC.
 Xn accepting marijuana as medicines Dr. Petro discussed
 a number of benefits marijuana has over the use of conventional
 prescription drugs. Firsts marijuana acts quickly--within one
 blood circuiation-_and thus the patient can control the amount of
 medicine he/she needs through titration./_-_/ More important_ a
 patient need smoke marijuana only upon the onset of symptomsr
 rather than maintaining a blood level of the drug through chronic
 useo-i_9__, taking three pills a day for life. _8_/
 ..... Dr. Arthur Kaufman testified that there is _strong
 evidence u of marijuana's medical utility in the treatment of
 spasticity_ _gQ/ Dro Kaufman stated that he had seen °quadraplegic
 patients at a Maryland area nursing home gain substantial relief
 from spasticity. 6_I/
 A number of other physicians have tacitly approved
 marijuanaSs use as an antispasmodic d_4igo Valerie Cover, David
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