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 trolle_settlng--his medical facility. _/ Smoking only moderate
 amounts of marijuana-_usually a single cigarette per day--proved
 sufficient to achieve beneficial results. 9_-q/ His patients
 experienced relief for long periods of time--up to three years _
 with no adverse effects reported. 68_/ Dr. Petro noted that one
 patient with whom he communicated had reported an adverse
 reaction to marijuana smoking, but this was out of a group of
 several hundred patients° -_i/ All patients considered marijuana
 to be medicines _8_/
 Seconds Dro Petro conducted a study with marijuanats
 most psychoactive constituent_-tetrahydrocannabinol. 6_/
 .... _
 Using a randomized double blind study to compare Delta-9-THC
 with placebo in the control of spasticity in nine subjects,
 Dry Petro found positive improvement in all nine subjects. 6_/
 In high doses, however_ Delta-9-THC had adverse effects_patients
 experienced psychological disturbances° In addition, after
 repeated uses a tolerance to the drug quickly developed.
 ...... Patients in the study_ however, o reported more positive improve-
 679/ Cross-examination of Dr. Denis Petro, Tro 6-164°
 680/ Affidavit of Dr. Denis Petro, I 31.
 ___i/ _o at _ 41.
 6_/ Cross-examination of Dr. Denis Petro_ Tr. 6-160 & 6-161o
 9__/ _o at 6-162o
 684/ Affidavit of Dr. Denis Petro, _I 58-60 & Exh. 3 (_Treatme_%_
 of Human Spastioity with Delta-9-Tetrahydrocannabinol m) .
 Dr. Petro testified that he first had attempted to conduct his
 experiments with marijuana but was refused access to marijuana by
 federal officials° Id. at _ 59.
 685/ /__. at _ 59-60.

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