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 - smoking marijuana° _Q/ Dr. Arthur Kaufman (Washington_ D.C.)
 reported that he had observed quadraplegics at the Greenbelt
 Convalescent Center successfully controlling their episodes of
 spasticity through marijuana smokingo 9-_J Finally_ Dr. Daniel
 Dansak reported that he was aware of at least one patient in New
 Mexico who had successfully controlled his spasticity with
 marijuana. 7_/
 David Branstetter (Florissant._ Missouri) reported that
 he knew of at least twenty muitiple sclerosis, para- and
 quadraplegic patients who smoked marijuana to control their
 muscle spasticity. _73/ Martha Hirsch (_ramingham, Massachusetts)
 ...... _
 testified that she had met many other _ patients who were also
 using marijuana to control spasticity_ _/ Valerie Cover (San
 Francisco, California) and Greg Paufler (Springwater, New York)
 .... _: ha˘e also successfully employed marijuana to control their
 In the case of ___/liDgton v. DiaD_a_ discussed more
 ...... _ fully beiow_ four multiple sclerosis patients testified that they
 experienced significant improvement in their condition after
 671/ Cross-examination of DrŽ Arthur Kaufman_ Tr. 9-237 & 9-238°
 The use of marijuana, he noted_ had _really made a difference foz
 them." /_o at 9-238
 _67_/ Cross-examination of Dr. Daniel Dansak, Tr. Ii=115.
 93// Affidavit of David Branstetter_ _ 39°
 _67_./ Affidavit of Martha Hirsch, _ 18. Martha Hirsch also
 mentioned that her personal care attendant knew other MS patients
 who smoked marijuana to control their spasticityo !d. at _ 28°

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