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 six. or seven years with significantly beneficial results. 9-_/
 Valerie Cover has successfully used marijuana medically for the
 past two years, controlling her spasticity so well that she was
 able to return to work. 665/ Cleariy_ these patients benefited
 greatly from marijuana smoking and accepted its medical utility
 ° _he number of patients employing marijuana to control
 spasticity is apparently quite large° Dr. Denis Petro
 (Pennsylvania, New York and Washington, D.C.) testified that he
 had evaluated _scores of patients _ who were treating their
 spasticity with marijuanao .6_/ In additions Dr. Petro declared
 that he had communicated with several hundred patients throughout
 the United States who were using marijuana to control spasti-
 city. 667./ Finally, Dr. Petro noted that he had seen a large
 .... number of patients at VA Hospitals_ treating their spasticity
 through marijuana smoking with the approval of hospital offi-
 cials. 9-_9-/ Dr. Andrew Well (Tucson_ Arizona) testified that he
 had #seen a dozen patients who have reported dramatic o . o
 reduction of muscle spasticity [resulting from the medical use of
 marijuana]. _6_/ He noted that one patient believed that he had
 kept multiple sclerosis in total remission for twelve years by
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 667/ ___®
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