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 reported dramatic improvements in the quality of their lives.
 FOr example, Valerie Covers bedridden with multiple sclerosis,
 was able to again care for her children_ walk, drive and
 shop. .659-/ Most important of all_ she got a job as a civil
 servant for the Navy. 660/ David Branstetter reported an
 improvement in mental attitude (he was more outgoing) and felt
 good enough to begin to play billiards again, f_I/ Greg Paufler_
 bedridden with multiple sclerosis and, at one point semi-
 catatonic from drugs prescribed by his physicians through
 marijuana smoking was able to walk, care for himself_ and
 generally improve the ql_ality of his life. 6_2J Patients have
 reduced or controlled their spasticity through marijuana smoking
 over long periods of timer David Branstetterj for examples has
 successfully treated his spasticity with marijuana for over ten
 years. -_// Greg Paufler has smoked marijuana for approximately
 658/ (o..continued)
 altering aspects of drug much leas than synthetic THC; smoked for
 ten years without adverse reaction); Affidavit of Greg Paufler_
 65 (chronic use for seven years without adverse reaction);
 Affidavit of Martha Hirsch_ _ 29 (informed doctor of marijuana
 use; doctor responded that her need for marijuana genuine and
 agreed to prepare prescription).
 659/ Affidavit of Valerie Covers _ 4_5_47o
 _9_/ /_ at _ 59
 6_/ Affidavit of David Branstetter, _ 9.
 9__/ _9_ Affidavit of Greg Paufler_ I_ 52-55 (great reduction
 ..... _ in symptoms of disease_ improvement in ability to walk; vision
 cleared up and mood significantly improved--even able to play
 soccer with children)
 ._./ Affidavit of David Branstetter, _ 6-7.
 217 _ _" _

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