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 asserted that marijuana was quite effective in treatin_ spasms,
 violent convulsionJ and other forms off spasticity. 9-_/
 2o " ' rMarijuana
 Unaware of this medical history_ most patients
 suffering from spasticity discovered marijuana_s medical utility
 serendipitously. Valerie Covers for_example_ first realized that
 marijuana-_unlike any other d_/g she had been prescribed--
 successfully treated her spasticity resulting from multiple
 sclerosis after smoking with a neighboro 9_/ One puff of a
 marijuana cigarettes she found_ relieved the _shakiness # that she
 had felt deep inside since the onset of _he diseaseo _-_/ Her
 limbs were easier to control and she could walk again. _0/
 David Branstettere a quadraplegic as the result of a
 neck injury_ also discovered marijuanaSs medical usefulness after
 smoking a joint at a partyo _I/ He fo_d tiat the drug
 controlled his spasms_ made him more alert, outgoing_ and
 ....i_ assisted him in better bladder and bowel controlo 65-_/
 ___/ Marijuana_ Medical _aDers 145-48; Affidavit of Dr. Denis
 Petro, _ 54.
  _ 648/ See Affidavit of Valerie Covers _[_ 40-44.
 /__q/ _o at _ 45
 -_. .__i/ Affidavit of David Branstetter_ _!_ 6-7.
 ___/ _o at _ 8_ 38. _9_ _lso Affidavit of Greg Paufler, _ 43
 (discovered marijuana's medical utility after smoking with
 friends); Affidavit of Martha Hirsch_ _I 9-10 (same)o

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