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 similar to reports of marijuana_s medical utility that came_
 later. 643/ In the early 1840_s, British physician, Wo Bo
 O'Shaughnessy, after determining that marijuana was safe in
 animal experiments, reported first-hand experience with the use
 of marijuana in treating spasms resulting from rabies_ 644/
 Dro_OSShaughne_sy also employed marijuana in the treatment of
 convulsion8 resulting from tetanus. _A_/
 The conclusions of Dro O°Shaughnessy were repeated in a
 report, issued by the Ohio State Medical Society in 1860. This
 repo_in effecct, a monoqraph of the medical opinions of the
 time--declared that marijuana was effective in treating
 spasticity. _/ So common was marijuan_'s use for this purpose
 during the Nineteenth Century that Dr. J_ Russell Reynolds,
 personal physician to Queen Victories stated in the Lancet,
 _ published in i890_ that #[marijuanaS, wl_en pure and administered
 carefully, is one of the most valuable medicines we possess, u
 Listing the _maladies w for which the d_g was useful, Reynolds
 643/ Affidavit of Dry Denis Petro, _ 51o
 644/ ___Marijuana: Medical Papers 20-22 (T. Mikuriya edo 1973>
 (throat paroxysms--inability to swallow due to convulsions--
 i_ overcome by ingestion of marijuana; drug also made patient more
 restful and allowed him to sleep).
 ___/ Id. at 23-27 (successful treatment in several cases)° See
 _Li__qAffidavit of Dr. Denis Petro_ _ 52.
 J __4__/ Mari_uana: Medical Paper_ 135-36_ _9_Affidavit of Denis
 Petro, _ 53 (apparently first American report of marijuana's
 medical utility-_included recommendation that marijuana is the
 most effective drug available for calming spasms in patients
 suffering from a number of neurological diseases).

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