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 Huscle spasticity may take _e form of tremors or
 violent shakes. In extreme cases, spasms may be so intense that
 they throw an individual from his or her wheelchair. _/ Unable
 to control spasticity_ multiple sclerosis patients_ for examplet
 may become crippled_ lose mobility, find it difficult or
 impossible to writes or maintain employment./_-_/ Worst of all_
 loss of bladder or bowel control is common in patients suffering
 from this condition. _-_/ Thuss spasti_ity5 itself_ may be
 Very few dru_s are specificaily designed to treat
 spasticity. Traditionally, Dantrium (dantrolene sodium) and
 baclofed areprescribed by physicians. 9_-_/ Although widely
 accepted and reqarded as _safe n by physicians_ these drugs_ if
 used chronicallys often have severe adverse effects. 6_/ Neither
 63_/ /__. at _ 15o
 _34/ I_. at _ 14o
 __6/ /_. at _ 16.
 _/ Dantrium, for example, may cause hepatitis (fatal) s
 constipation, GI bleeding (particularly problematic if the drug
 is used chronically), anorexia_ gastric irritation, abdominal
 cramps, speech disturbances, seizures, visual disturbances
 including diplopia (double vision) g tachycardia, erratic blood
 pressure, mental confusion0 clinical depression_ renal dis-
 turbances_ myalgia (muscle ache), feelings of suffocation and
 death due to liver failures /_. at _ 17_ The adverse effects of
 baclofed are somewhat less serious_ but include possibly lethal
 consequences even when the drug is properly prescribed and taken
 as directed. Affidavit of Dro Denis Petro_ _ 18; Martha Hirsch
 noted in her affidavit that her use of Lioresal led to very
 disturbing hallucinations--she believed that her house was on
 fire. Affidavit of Martha Hirsch_ _ 23.

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