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 are no drugs currently available to physicians that successfully
 cure this condition, marijuana_s role in the treatment of
 spasticity is particularly vital to the individual patients
 Despite the dramatic effect marijuana has shown in relieving
 spasticity, its present status as an illegal Schedule I drug
 frequently places patients in the horrible situation of deciding
 whether they will choose to obey the la_ or treat their debili-
 tating condition, Virtually all patients, if they elect to
 medically use marijuanas will be forced to secure their supplies
 off the street at great personal risk° Thus, in order to protect
 the public safety--the primary purpose of the Controlled
 Substances Act--marijuana should be rescheduled_2
 i. Background
 Muscle spasticity is a common symptom in many diseases
 that affect the central nervous system, including multiple
 sclerosis, cerebral palsy and stroke. It also occurs as the
 result of serious nerve damage caused by traumatic injuries like
 falls_ war wounds or auto accidents. Paraplegics and quadra-
 plegics who have lost control over their limbs as a result of
 ....._ broken backs_ wrenched necks or severe spinal cord injuries
 often experience this symptom. 632/ Although not totally
 understood by medical sciences spastici_--characterized by
 _ muscle twistŁng_ tension and rigidity-_results from interruption_
 in communication among the nerve fibers.
 _32_/ Affidavit of Dr. Denis Petro_ _ 13.
 - 211 _
 ,_ _.,}

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