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 enforcement officers of the fifty states° That they have-all
 concluded that glaucoma patients should not be subjected to
 arrest and criminaiization for meetinq their legitimate medical
 needs underscores the extent to which marijuanaes Schedule i
 classification is legally untenable.
 Lec/islatures in the several St=ares have also concluded
 marijuana has a place in the medical treatment of glaucomas and
 have enacted laws in an effort to protect glaucoma patients and
 ophthalmologists from marijuana_s inappropriate classification by
 the DEA as a Schedule I drug. At least seventeen states have
 passed laws of this type; they include Alabama, Alaska,
 California_ Colorado, Louisiana_ Maine_ Michigan, Nevada, New
 Jersey, New Mexico_ Oregon, South Carolinas Tennessee, Texas,
 Virginia and Washington_
 d. Conclusion
 In sums the medical community has accepted marijuana as
 + medicine for the treatment of glaucoma° Patients, physicians,
 legal organizations and entire states have acknowledged and
 accepted marijuana's medical utility and safety in the treatment
 _ of this debilitating eye disease. For this reasons marijuana has
 satisfied all requirements for reclassification as a Schedule iI
 drug under the Controlled Substances Act°
 Marijuanas in addition to its other medical uses, is
 : widely accepted as a means of treating spasticity. Since there

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