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 accepted scientific criteria for dete_ining
 utility _ . . I resigned my posi_9_ to
 protest the co_ittee' s actions ° _i
 In such a charged atmosphere perhaps the best measure
 of how members of the ophthalmic community feel about
 marijuanaSs use in the treatment of glaucoma can only be gained
 by secret ballot. Fortunately_ the California Research Advisory
 Panel (sCRAP m) conducted an informal, n3n_public poll of
 ophthalmologists. A_ stated in their 1984 Report to the
 Legislature, CRAP _ound:
 Treatment of glaucoma with Cannabis was the
 subject of an Ophthalmology G_rand Rounds at
 the University of California, San Francisco°
 A questionnaire was distributed which 0
 gueried the ophthalmologists on cannabis
 therapy for glaucoma patients refractory to
 standard treatment. Many of the
 opthalmologist have glaucoma patients who
 have asked about marijuana° Z__q_t respondents
 • ele__t. , _smoked mar_._uana need[sl
 _o be available for patients _ho h v ot
 benefited _sianificantly from __
 _x_a/_n_a. _ 23 a!
 c. Judicial and Political Acceptance
 ..... _
 of Marijuana in the Treatment of
 On at least one occasions a court has accepted
 ...... marijuana°s use in the treatment of glad,coma and has ruled that,
 in some instances_ access to marijuana for the treatment of
 _2_/ _. at I 63.
 9__-_/ ACT Official State Reports_ Vol 1 _ Exhibit 5. Fourteenth
 Annual Report of the Research Advisory Panel_ 1983. Prepared
 .... _ for the Governor and Legislature Research Advisory Panel_
 San Francisco_ 1984 at Ii.
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