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 Judge Young: They didnet understand what_
 North: What a safe and effective [drug] is.
 The standard for safe and effective use of
 any drug in the treatment of glaucoma. It
 has been established by the FDA_ Number ones
 does it [lowerl intraocular pressure. And
 ._> there [is] a lot of evidence by the time this
 statement that [marijuana] dens indeed lower
 intraocuiar pressure. All rights Safes
 What is considered safe? Safe is a parameter
 based upon individual patient therapy. What
 is safe in an individual patient. We know
 ..iii> that Diamox, for instance, the drug that
 M_o Randall was taking . _ . causes kidney
 stones .... Buts is it safe for Mr_
 Randall's case? If you meas_:re what his
 pressure will do to his eyesight versus the
 possibilities of side effects_ [Diamox] was
 _. safe to use in Mr. Randall_s case. Marijuana
 has shown [itself] to be safe in the indi=
 u_29f that drug in patient
 therapy. _I
 Dr. Merritt, a member of the AAO's Ad Hoc Committee
 ..... _ until his resignation in early 1985_ is more direct:
 It should be remembered that ophthalmologists
 are highly trained medical specialists.
 Final determinations of safety and effective_
 heSS are not reached by. committees composed
 i! of pre-selected individuals who do little
 more than repeat ingrained, but scien_$$_
 cally questionable social prejudices° _-_I
 MezTitt notes:
 ....... From the start I was concerned with the
 overly political, as opposed to medical,
 emphasis of the AAO in appointing the
 committee .... The committee's conclusions
 were not reached by a cogent assessment of
 the data, but by prearrangement° In the
 ii! end, I was so disgusted by the committee's
 prejudqment of the issues blindness to the
 available facts and disregard for long
 __2_/ /_. at 7-97°
 _2_/ Rebuttal Affidavit of Dr. John Merritt, _ 66.

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