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 pharmacy. In addition, Jean Barnhart_s physician assisted her
 in "securing marijuana from FDA. _/_/
 Ate Crone a retired Wichita school teacher who
 discovered marijuana was effective in treating her glaucoma, also
 went to her physician seeking help. The physician, after
 testing Mrs° Cron°s lOP response, pleaded with FDA to provide
 Mrs. Cron with licit access to marijuana. FDA delayed the
 _ physicianes request and Mrs_ Cron was forced into surgery and
 went blind as a consequence of the operation. _i_/
 Dro John Merritt, who clearly accepts marijuana's
 medical utility, noted that the current system of _Compassionate
 !ND m access to marijuana is inappropriate:
 When you are dealing with patients who suffer
 from a progressive medical disease, such
 delays are intolerable and unconscionable.
 I also. know my experience [in attempting to
 secure INDSs] is not unique_ but fairly
 typical. The system is_ply not designed
 for treatment purposes. _I
 Finaily, Robert Randall, who legally receives marijuana
 by prescription, testified that his ophthalmologists have con-
 cluded that licit access to marijuana was in the best interests
 of this patient. Among these physicians are Drs. Ben Fine,
 ..... Robert Hepler_ John Merritt and Richard North -_ all Board-
 certified ophthalmcloqists_ _18/
 at 2s.
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 _i// Rebuttal Affidavit of Dr_ John Merritt, _ 47.
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