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 Wallace_ after discovering marijuana was helpful in controlling
 his glaucomas informed his doctor.
 I related this news to my doctor® He was
 reluctant to even discuss the subject because
 marijuana is illegal. ! continued smoking
 marijuana and my eye pressure declined°
 During the next_ several visits to my doctor I
 .,._i> c_ntinued to discuss my use of marijuana.
 My eye pressure stabilized in the normal
 _ange° Eventually, my doctor began to
 express=$_erest in the progress I was
 making. _/
 .... _, He continues:
 My doctor remained skeptical but agreed to
 conduct an informal test to see if marijuana
 was beneficially lowering my ocular
 tensions. On the morning of the test, I
 arrived at my d@ctor's office and he measured
 my IOP. It was 27 mm Hg. i then left my
 doctor's office and went outside where I
 smoked a very small amount of marijuana .... I
 went home for lunch and smoked a marijuana
 cigarette pursuant to my doctor°s instruc-
 tions before returning to his office for
 ...... _ further observation° When my doctor checked
 my pest-lunch IOP_ he was visibly surprised
 by the drop in my IOP; it was less than 20 mm
 Hg_ This reduction in pressure could not be
 obtained through the use of conventional
 glaucoma control drugs° 6-I/_
 After seeking help from _Aid to the Blind_ _ Jean
 Barnhart approached her doctor and asked for a prescription. In
 an effort to help Ms. Barnhart, her physician wrote the
 prescription9/A/ but she could not get it filled at the local
 6_/ Affidavit of Edward Wallace, _ 2:_
 ___./ /_. at _ 23-28.
 614/ Affidavit of Jeans _ 14.

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