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 Dr_ Norman Zinberg_ who indicated that he has recently
 been having problems with his eyes, testified that his personal
 ophthalmelogistp Irving Pavle_ as well as other Boston-based
 ophthalmologists accept marijuana_s utility in the treatment of
 glaucoma. 611/
 Ophthalmologists fr_ around the country have accepted
 the use of marijuana by their patients in the control of glaucoma
 and have assisted these patients in various ways░ Edward
 I0/ ( ░ ░. continued)
 ophthalmic community_ Government counsel _ Ms o Mapes, asked Dr░
 North to examine an American Academy of Ophthalmology statement
 she identifies as Government Exhibit Glc which, she asserts,
 concludes_ #IT]here is no clinical evidence that marijuana is
 beneficial in the long-term management of chronic open angle
 glaucoma, w In response _ Dr. North states
 The communication you make reference to was
 done in 1982o That was at the point in which
 .... the Board of Ophthalmology was interested in
 establishing synthetic cannabinoids in the
 use of glaucoma. They wanted to use a
 synthetic form of marijuana to treat
 [glaucoma_. I think by the _y_e_y _fact that
 they were even lookina at__y3!theti_
 .... cannabino!ds meant they recognized some
 _iii_y__of ar_ i t t eatment o_
 alaucrgma. Wh e se wo evq__1993_t
 _Y____hg/__C aaent? (Emphasis added░ )
 Id. at 7_94. This is what Keith Green refers to above as the
 i_:i search for the WHoly Grail_ _ a synthetic alternative to mari-
 juana. # Cross-examination of Keith Green, Ph.D., Trę 9-151 &
 9-152. _n a similar veins Robert Randall notes, _A most obvious
 question arises out of these diligent efforts [to develop a
 marijuana=based eyedrop] _ If marijuana is not an effective
 glaucoma control drug, why are NEI and N_DA expending federal
 _ funds in a crash effort to synthesize marijuana into a glaucoma
 control drug? If marijuana has no therapeutic use in glaucoma
 treatment, why has Keith Green spent a decade of time and energy
 on efforts to produce a synthetic drug derived from marijuana? u
 Rebuttal Affidavit of Robert Randall_ I_ 120-121.
 _i 9_11/ Cross_examination of Norman Zir_Derg, Tr. ii-192.
 taa  .JO
 = 1OO - I

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