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 criminal trial and filing petitions wiN1 the FDA_ DEA and NIDA .
 Ultimately_ Randall gained access to marijuana after suing the
 federal government with the assistance of a large Washington,
 D.C. law fifo Mr® RandallSs legal acc,_ss to marijuana is now
 based on an out-of=court settlement which assure him prescrip _
 tire access to marijuana. This agreeme_t has endured for a
 decade_in part because Mro Randall has retained legal represen _
 tationthroughout this period° Few patients or physicians could
 afford this kind of expensive and protracted legal
 representation® _q_/
 In sums there is no question that these patients who
 became aware of marijuana_s medical utility in the treatment of
 glaucoma accepted it and went to extraordinary lengths to secure
 licit access to the drug. Some patients even went
 further -_ they risked purchasing the drug off the streets.
 b. Acceptance bv 0Dhthalmolo_ist_
 Ophthalmologists also accept that marijuana is
 medically useful in the treatment of glaucoma, but are generally
 reluctant to discuss this.politically sensitive subject. Dr.
 ....... Richard North offered candid testimony on the mood of the
 ophthalmic profession when he noted, _In a public forum
 [ophthalmologists] would hedge. If you get them alone they would
 _i_ say yest marijuana works_ _610-/
 609,/ Affidavit of Robert Randall, _ 98-123.
 610/ Cross_examination of Dr. Richard North_ Tr. 7-93° In an
 ..... _
 exchange which reveals the underlying tensions within the
 (continued. Go)

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