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 marijuana and had urged me to smoke marijuana
 to contrel my glaucomao However_ this
 federally authorized researcher could not
 legally prescribe marijuana to me, despite
 his medical judgment that the drug was
 critical to controlling_y_ey_a pressures and
 to prolonging my sight. _-_/
 Ed Cartes feeling of frustration is certainly under-
 standable® Without questions for a cow,try to deny Ed Cart -_ a
 Viet_a_ vete_n 8_ access to a _rug that he knows will prevent
 him from going blinds is inexcusableo
 The resort to criminality is difficult for some
 patients_ Edward Wallace testified:
 I a_ably have to break the law in order to
 obtain a medicine that I need in order to
 retain my sight° Purchasing marijuana on the
 street to meet an ongoing medical need is
 extremely e_ensive and potentially danger-
 our .... I have three options: (a) run
 the risk of breaking the law by smoking
 marijuanas (b) going blinds or (c) facing a
 risky _qical procedure that might leave me
 Dr. Merritt reports, #Patients came from around the
 country in an effort to gain access to licit supplies of
 marijuanao "/_Q_/ Dr. Merritt relates one incident which under-
 scores how far patients will go in an attempt to receive licit
 carep and the problems they encounter in this effort. AcCording
 to Dr. Merritt_ one young glaucoma patient took a bus from
 Detroit and appeared at Howard University seeking help. Merritt
 _05/ Affidavit of Edward Wallace_ _ 41.
 _.Q_/ Affidavit of Dr. John Merritt, _ 23.

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