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 Despite this discouraging starts I Continued
 to contact individuals and organizations
 seeking additional information. Many of the.
 people with whom I spoke wer_ sympathetic and
 did not question my use of marijuana to con-
 trol glaucoma_ However, few knew how I
 could go about gaining legal access to
 mariJ_W_ for use in a routine of medical
 Dtiring the past year, Mr. Caz_ has made a major effort
 to secure licit access _- with the help of Dr° Merritt -- through
 the FDA aCompassionate IND _ method. Despite nearly a year of
 effort, Mr. Carr still has not gained access to licit marijuana.
 CazT noted that he is spending nearly $400 a month on phone calls
 to the FDA and other federal agencies in an effort to gain licit
 access to marijuana. 6-9-I/ With respect to securing illicit
 marijuana off the streets Ed Cart remarked:
 For several years I continued to try to
 obtain marijuana to try to meet my medical
 needs. But the cost is prohibitive and there
 are t_ when marijuana is very hard to
 The plight of Ed Carts who recently watched his father
 go blind from glaucoma, 9_Q-_/ is particularly compelling. After
 several trips to North Carolina to see Dr. Merritt, Mr. Carr
 still has no licit access to marijuana.
 At this point I decided to go it alone. Dr.
 -_ Merritt_s study clearly showed that marijuana
 significantly reduced my lOP. He had pro-
 vided me with a small amount of legal
 ____Q/ /__. at _ 16.
 /Lql/ Cross examination of Edward Cart, Tr. 9-59.
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