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 sion for me to legally smoke marijuana _nder her
 supervision. _595/
 Paradoxically, Barnhart found it easier to secure
 illicit marijuana than it was to get legal marijuana from the
 federal government:
 I had no difficulty in obtaining marijuana
 which _ purchased from an unknown person I
 met on the street. I took the marijuana home
 and rolled it into cigarettes known as
 ejoints._ As a child I had learned how to
 • _. roll tobacco cigarettes for my father_ _-_/l
 Edward Caz_2_ a veteran of the Vietnam war, also has
 gone to great lengths in an effort to escape the criminality,
 uncertainty and lack of medical supervision which surrounds a
 Schedule I drug. Carrp a citizen of Vex_ont_ made several trips
 to No_ch Carolina to be evaluated by Dr_ John Merritte the only
 ._ ophthalmologist in the United States who has maintained a
 research program for glaucoma patients in recent years_ 598/ As
 Mro Cart testified:
 I began contacting organizations which I
 thought might be able to provide me with
 additional information on marijuana's use in
 glaucoma therapy. I wrote to the Surgeon
 General of Vermont_ but was informed that
 medical use of marijuana wa_o_qainst the law
 .i_ except for cancer patlentSo _-_2J
 _/ /_. at _ 28. It should be noted that Ms. Barnhart's docto_
 became aware of DEA's interception of communication between FDA
 and the doctor and the physician has told Ms. Barnhart that,
 under these conditions_ she is not willing to pursue what was_
 until Ms. Barnhart's testimony in New Orleans, a nearly completed
 IND procedure°
 _// Id. at _ 7o
 ____/ Affidavit of Edward Cart, _ IS f i$2_ 36°
 599/ /_. at _ 15.

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