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 how to apply for #Compassionate IND # access to marijuana. _-9-_/
 Barnhart testified:
 People associated with _Aid for the Blind, W
 quickly accepted my medical _e of marijuana
 and they suggested that I ask: my doctor for a
 prescription for the drug. I was not aware
 that legal marijuana was available by
 • _:_ prescription but was told that in some
 circ_stanc_he dcug could be
 prescribed. _uL_
 Jean Barnhart then approached her doctor and asked for
 ,._ a prescription° In an effort to help Ms_ Barnhart, her physician
 wrote the prescription, but she could not get it filled at the
 local pharmacy. _-_/ At this junctures Ms. Barnhart and her
 doctor and HAid for the Blind_:
 [b]egan contacting research centers in
 Florida in an effort to find me a legal way
 to obtain marijuana under medical super-
 vision° Despite their best efforts they
 were unable to locate any program in Florida
 which could provide me with legal marijuana.
 After failing to find anyone in Florida with
 authority to legally prescribe marijuana to
 me_ the woman from _Aid for tl_e Blind _
 finally suggested that I grow marijuana (a)
 to avoid the cost of the street druq, (b) to
 assure myself a constant s_y_ and (c) to
 be certain of the quality. _;"
 Nearly a decade later_ Ms. Barnhart is still seeking to
 gain licit access to marijuana_ In her direct testimonyF she
 notes her current physician, Dr. Moore, Wis seeking FDA permis-
 _2_/ Affidavit of Jean Barnhart, _ 16-17o
 " 5_9// /_o at _ 13.
 5_/ /_o at _ 14o _ee also Barnhart Exhibit 2o Physician's
 prescription for marijuana.
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