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 5. Acceptance of Marijuana in the Treatment
 ao K___n_aD,ce by Patients
 Shortly after Dro Robert Hepier discovered marijuanaSs
 profound influence on IOP_ by accidents glaucoma patients
 throughout the country began making the same discovery. Some
 glaucoma patients realized marijuana_s medical usefulness by
 _ chance. Others learned of the drug's IOP_lowering properties
 from reports in the medical literature or in the mass media°
 Giaucoma, while a painless disorders produces a number
 of characteristic visual symptoms which patients can readily
 identify_ and which are relieved by the inhalation of marijuana.
 Robert Randall, for instances discovered marijuana_s medical
 ..... _ utility serendipitously:
 In the evenings_ I would experience tri-
 colored haloes around sources of light°
 These haloes are symptomatic of highly
 elevated (intraocu!ar pressures). One
 evening while experiencing these haloes !
 smoked two marijuana cigarettes. Approxi=
 mately forty-five minutes later I noticed the
 haloes were gone. I realize_grijuana was
 lowering my ocular tensionso _s
 591/i Affidavit of Robert Randall, _ 42-43. Other glaucoma
 patients report very similar experiences. Edward Wallace noted:
 when the pressure i/_ my right eye becomes elevated_ the
 eye feels irritated. On several occasions_ when I was
 experiencing these symptoms of elevated pressure, I
 smoked some marijuana. Within 30 to 45 minutes after
 smoking, the sense of irritation would diminish, then
 go away altogether. My eye felt better_ Over time it
 became clear to me that marijuana was helping to lower
 my dangerously elevated ocular tension.
 Affidavit of Edward Wallace_ _ 21. Ed Cart, describing the onse%
 (continued _.. )
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