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 chronic use (twenty years or more) _ such data is available on
 i_.. marijuana. As both Robert Randall and Leste_ Grinspoon, M. Do,
 noted in their testimony, the government has undertaken several
 extremely detailed studies on the biolo_ical and psychological
 effects of very chronic marijuana useŽ _-_/ These studies,
 conducted in Jamaica, Costa Rica and Greece could not find any
 significant clinical differences between chronic marijuana
 smokers and control groups of non-marijuana smokerso _-_-_/
 Xn weighing the relative risks associated with various
 glaucoma therapies_ Drs. Merritt and North offer the following
 [Marijuana] is clearly safer than phospholine
 iodine, just as one drug. It is safer than
 Timolol, simply because it doesn't kill
 anybody. And, it's at least as safe as
 pilocarpine, and those are the _gr drugs
 ii_ that I would be concerned wit2_. -%_-!_
 Another comparison was drawn by Dr. North: °
 As a matter of fact [RandallSs] pressure was
 lowered so much that we could look at his
 medications and say what is the most serious
 medication here that has the worst complica _
 tions as far as his total body system is
 concerned? We [chose] diamox because we
 know that causes kidney stones_ acid base
 balance and can ev_gally cause death. So
 we took that awayo _u_1
 In his IND report on Mr. RandallSs condition, Dr. North
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 14-91; Cross=examination of Robert Randall_ Tr. 12-273.
 586/ Cross-examination of Dr. Lester Grinspoon, Tr. 14-90.
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 58_/ Cross-examination of Dr. Richard North, Tr. 7-73°
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