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 The AAO Report articulates such a distorted, clinically
  irrational and patently silly approach to the sober assessment of
 d_g safety that it is utterly irrelevant to any sane and
 meaningful balancing of the risks and benefits of marijuana's use
 within a physician supervised proqram of medical care.
 -_ Keith Green tells Mr. Zeese to keep the several dozen
 drug_induced patient deaths attributed 'to timolol #in perspec-
 tive_ then loses all sense of perspective by alleging that
 marijuana is unsafe for use in the reduction of intraocular
 pressure because smoking marijuana migh_ have some clinically
 insignificant affect on sperm production. _8-3-/
 Similarly_ Green and Spaeth assert marijuana_ smoked
 over a period of years, might cause cancer. _8_/ This assertion
 is made without reference to any meaningful clinical support.
 The Alliance could just as easily allege -- absent any clinical
 proof to the contrary =- that twenty years of chronic timol01 use
 causes one's big toe to fall off. The only difference in these
 types of unsupported claims is that billions of doses of
 marijuana have been smoked by hundreds of millions of human
 beings for thousands of years. During that entire period there
 ..... i_ have been no clinically confirmed reports of a cannabis-induced
 fatality resulting from cancer.
 Unlike timolol -_ which has only been available for
 ...... _ human use for a decade -- for which there is no data on truly
 5_/ Affidavit of Keith Green, Ph. Do, at 6-7. Green presents
 a number of potential adverse effects_
 i_ 584/ ___. Affidavit of Dr. George 8paeth_ p. 12.

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