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 under medical supervisiono #_-q/ Hepler does not elaborate or
 _ offer even one substantive example in support of his statements
 The AAO Report asserts marijuana is munsafea for
 reasons which are, quite simply, trivial:
 The dose of marijuana necessary to produce a
 i_. clinically relevant effect o.. appears to
 produce an unacceptable level of undesirable
 side effects such as I) euphorias 2) systemic
 hypoteneion_ 3) and/or dry eye and con _
 junctival hyperemia [red eyes_ in the
 majority of glaucoma patients in_gm the
 ......._ dug has been carefully studiedo _-_
 The AAO apparently feels the dread _euphoria n produced
 by marijuana smoking (commonly defined as a feeling of well
 ...... _ being) is more threatening to patient welfare than death due to
 Diamox induced k_dney failures Phospholine Iodide induced
 respiratory paralysis_ or Timoptic induced cardiac failure; that
 ..... _, systemic hypotension caused by improper methods o_ marijuana
 inhalation (a problem Dr. Merritt notes is easily solved) is of
 greater concern than the drug-induce@ systemic hypotension
 respiratory and cardiac arrest caused by timolol; that the red
 <.:./ g
 bloodshot eyes caused by marijuana inhalation5_/ are of greater
 concern to patients than the debilitating myopia and cataracts
 which are caused by miotic agents.
 8_/ Direct Testimony of Robert S. _epler p. 4. In 1978,
 Hepler took a very different position, mThe safety risk
 (observed side effects) of using marijuana to treat glaucoma
 appears to be no greater than risks associated with the more
 ......_ conventional medications, and is insignificant when compared
 with the certain results of allowing IOP to escalate uncon-
 trolled® n Affidavit of Robert Randall_ Exhibit 2B, Affidavit of
 Dr. Robert Heplert _ 29(e).
 __i/ Hepler Exhibit 2, AAO Reportpo [3.
 ___/ Cross_Examination of Dr. John Merritt, Tr. 10-128.

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