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 alterations of mood. After discussing these effects,
 pa_icularly the 32 or 41 (depending on witness) drug_induced
 deaths caused by timoiol, Keith Green, Ph.D_ admonishes Mr. Zeese
 by noting, #Ah, but you have to put these risks in perspectives
 my dear siro #_/_I
 _-- The Government's ophthalmic witnesses, including Keith
 Green; have utterly failed to follow this sage advice and lose
 all sense of perspective when discussing marijuana's known and
 potential side effects°
 The most notable thing about the Government's
 ophthalmic witnesses concerns over marijuanaSs safety for use
 under medical supervision is the inconsistency of. concern. Every
 ophthalmic witness who discussed Diamox, a commonly used
 diuretic, knew that this drug irritates the digestive system and
 may cause kidney stones or renal failure° But concerns over
 marijuana's safety for use are either stated, but not articulated
 or are articulated in a scattershot and unconvincing_ often
 barely coherent manner.
 For example_ Dr. Hepier -_ who in 1976 and 1978
 asserted he would prescribe marijuana to a glaucoma patient
 ..... i [Robert Randall3 if the drug was legally available -- simply
 asserts marijuana is not safe for use under medical supervision°
 #I cannot conclude that marijuana o . _ has been shown to be safe
 _79/ Cross-examination of Keith Greens Ph.D., Tro 9_84o

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