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 Shirley: What would you base that
 determination on at this point?
 Merritt: The fact that hess young, hers
 pigmented_ all of thes_ings are aggravated
 by standard therapies. _;
 This Court should not abandon the _traditional n
 standard of assessment for determining °hhe utility of IOP-
 lowering drugs in favor of the untested, poorly defined standard
 advanced by the Government,
 Based on what Dr. Spaeth calls the #traditional #
 standards [supra] therefore_ marijuana more than satisfies all
 current NDA criteria required for approval for the specific
 indication of intraocular antihypertensiVeo
 In his direct testimony_ Dr. Spaeth asserts:
 D_gs which are to be seriously considered
 for [the control of glaucoma] should not have
 permanently damaging effects on its
 users. _
 Death is a permanently damaging effects yet all
 currently accepted glaucoma control drugs are capable of
 provoking a lethal responses even when properly usedr under a
 physicianes supervision.
 As established above_ all currently accepted glaucoma
 control dlnlgs are capable of producing very significant,
 permanently damaging sublethal adverse effects including
 pulmonary difficulties, renal stones, ulcers, fatigue and
 7_/ Cross-examination of Dr. John Merritt_ Tr. !0-I05 to i0-!07_
 .... _ 7_/ Direct Testimony of Dro George Spaeth_ at ii.

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