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 visual acuity and fields are_now stable and
 his condition cane in sums be managed through
 medical therapies ....
 On the basis of objective medical criteria
 the licit use of marijuana within a super-
 vised routine of glaucoma management affords
 _LT. Randall unique therapeutic benefits which
 are critical to the medical control of his
 _,_i_ glaucoma. What Dr. Robert Hepler of UCLA
 first demonstrated in 1975, and Dro John
 Me_itt of _%_grd reaffirmed in 1976, remains
 true today° _
 As Dr. North stresses during his court testimony:
 I think that in the treatment of Mr° Robert
 Randall [marijuana] has been very effective.
 We have a man here who, through the use of
 marijuana over the last nine years, has been
 able to maintain sight where in other
 instances, _out marijuana, he would have
 been blind.
 Based on the record it is clear that when a glaucoma
 patients like Mrs Randall_ is able to obtain licit access to
 marijuana, the therapeutic reductions in IOP result in a
 retention of visual fields However, it is also clear that
 expecting the National Eye Institute or the American Academy of
 Ophthalmology to conduct research on marijuana under Schedule I
 condition is, in the words of DEA witness Keith Green, like
 _beating [your] head against the brick wall. '_5_76/
 53__/ Affidavit of Robert Randall, Exhibit 3, IND 14.412 from
 Dr. North to FDA.
 57_/ Cross-examinations of Dr. Richard North, Tr. 7-88.
 ..! 576_/ Cross-examination of Keith Green, Ph.D., Tr. 9-152. Se_
 Affidavit of Robert Randall, _ 66_ 67. _! found physicians
 are unwilling to risk their careers and reputations to pursue the
 therapeutic use of substances which DEA_ and the federal govern-
 ment, claim are medically useless, and t_at are subjected to
 highly restrictive regulatory controls which may interfere with
 .... _ the practice of medicine .... These professional -- rightly I

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