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 are witnesses in these proceedings -- determined as early as 1%75
 that Mr. Randall_s glaucoma was beyond the reach of conventional
 medical therapies® Comments in the record from Drs. Ben Fine
 (Washington_ D.C.) _-_/, Robert Hepler _[UCLA/Jules Stein Eye
 Institute)_-_/_ Gary Diamond (Wilmer Eye Institute, Johns Hopkins
 University)M/s John C. Merritt (Howard University, Washington,
 D.C. )5/i/ and Richard North_2// (a former ophthalmic drugs
 .... ii_ ___/ Dr. Fine states, wFrom my own treatment, and from the
 reports from doctors at UCLA and the Wilmer Institute it is clear
 that Mro Randall's condition can no longer be adequately con-
 trolled on conventional medications° This failure of medical
 treatment wil! result in Mr. Randall_s blindness unless another
 medication is made available to him or surgery is undertaken° _
 Affidavit of Robert Randall, _ 62; _@@_I__Q Affidavit of Robert
 Randall, Exhibit 2D, Affidavit of Dr. Ben Fine, at 3o
 _69/ In 1976, Dr. Hepler states, m[t]ests conducted
 specifically on Mr. Randall show that it would seem that he has
 benefited from the use of marijuana in the past and could gain
 ..... : significant medical advantage from a program of regulated use in
 the future. Marijuanas in combination with conventional medica_
 tions, provides him with control of intraocular pressure
 unobtainable utilizing other medications alone, u /L!. at Exhibit
 2A Sworn statement of Robert Hepler, M.D., March 2, 1976, po 2.
 In 1978, Hepler states_ _The only known alternative to preserve
 the sight of RobertRandall which avoids the significant risks of
 surgery is to include marijuana as part of his prescribed medical
 regimen. R _. at Exhibit 2B, Affidavit of Dr. Robert Hepler_ at
 570/ nWe would, of course, leave all conclusions as to the
 ultimate outcome of medical therapy in this patientts glaucoma
 treatment [to his treating physician], but it is our conclusion
 that maximal medical therapy in our hands was not successful in
 controlling Mr. RandallSs pressures. _ _ at Exhibit A24, Letter
 from Dr. Diamond to Dr. Fine at 2 (March 20, 1976)°
 __i/ Affidavit of John Merritt, _ 18, 19, 20. WMarijuana
 proved highly effective in lowering Mr. Randall_s danguousl_
 elevated intraocular pressure into a _safe w range (below 20 mm
 Hg.). This reduction in IOP prevented further progressive injury
 to Mr. Randail_s optic disc. The fact Mr° Randall achieved the
 reduction [in IOP], short of surgery, has helped prolong his
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