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 Dr. Me_itt made it clear to me that
 marijuana could help prolong my sight and
 told me that X Should contin%le to smoke
 Sarijuana if X wanted to keep my sight ....
 Upon my return to Vermont, I was forced to
 obtain the marijuana I [medically] needed to
 control_by condition from another [illicit]
 source. _/
 ...... _ Mr. Cart notes, #However_ due to FDA re_lations_ Dr. Merritt
 ceuid not provide marijuana to me to treat my condition° #-5_4/
 One of the patients Dr. Merritt closely monitored over
 a long period of time was Robert Randall_ a witness in these
 proceedings. While the AAO and the NEI have failed to conduct
 long-ten research_ Mr. Randall_s marijuana-based therapy has
 continuedg with illicit and licit supplies, for nearly fifteen
 years. The result is a rich and detailed medical record°
 Mro Randalles IOP response to marijuana has been
 • , _ evaluated in acute, short-terms double-masked placebo controlled
 _tudies, _-_-/ and in extremely long-terms chronic use programs of
 medical therapy whioh have included visual field analysis. 566/
 The reports of all the physicians who have evaluated Mr. Randall
 are consistent. _/
 Based on clinical evaluations a number of leading
 ophthalmic researchers and practicing physicians -- three of whom
 _6_/ Affidavit of Edward Cart, _ 29_ 30.
 565./ Affidavit of Robert Randall_ _ 43.
 _/ /__. _ !16-17. _ _Q Affidavit of Robert Randall,
 Exhibit 2E_ Affidavit of Dr. John Merritt_ _ 12; Affidavit of Dro
 ..... Richard North_ _ 6_

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