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 And maintenance of visual field, I mean
 , . . you have to put this into perspective,
 I mean most of these drugs have been around
 i_. long enough that the newer criteria wehave
 become aware of as the science or the
 practice of ophthalmology or any other
 discipline has developed have led to the
 establishment of different criteria as time
 has gone bye So we are much more cognizant
 ,..i.._ " of the
 _ that we need to look at different
 After some discussions Green returns to the point:
 YouSd have to include in that [evaluation of
 utility an assessment of] visual field. So
 ..,ii_ the study would have to be over long enough
 time to en_ you to include that as a
 criterion. _g
 The essential point Government witnesses are, however
 inartfullys seeking, to make is that_ in their opinionr our
 knowledge of marijuana is incomplete. The studies on marijuana
 have been too limited in number of subjects_ and there are no
 studies to demonstrate marijuana induced reductions in ocular
 tension result in a retention of visual field. They acknowledge
 many currently used glaucoma control d_/gs_ including the
 ..... miotics_ epinephrine qompounds and the diuretics, were accepted
 into medical use solely on the basis of their IOP lowering
 utility. But government witnesses assert that in light of
 advancing information, modern standards of accepted medical use
 now go beyond an assessment of a drug's !OP lowering effects and
 must include clinical evidence that dz_g induced decreases in
 ....... i_ ocular pressure actually prevent progressive injury to the optic
 540./ Cross-examination of Keith Greene PhoDo_ Tro 9-73.
 541/ at 9-74o

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