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 lower intraocular
 p_ure enough to prevent
 optic nerve _amage.
 "_ This statement is, of course, factually incorrect.
 During cross examination, Keith Greens Ph.D, noted the
 approximate level of IOP reduction achieved with each of the
 !..,_ currently accepted IOP lowering agents and marijuana. According
 to Green, timolcl_ the miotics and epinephrine reduce iOP an
 average of twenty percent, while carbonic anhydrase inhibitors
 "_ reduce lOP nearly fifty percent° Dro Hepler reported average
 marijuana induced_reductions ranged from 24% to over 50% and
 Green accepts marijuana produces an average 30% drop in ocular
 As Drs° Hepler and Frank and Mr_ Petrus state:
 It has.been shown that marijuana smoking
 induces a substantial decrease in intraocular
 . pressure .... The maanitude 0_ this effect
 iso_egter thaD would be expected _o Occur39 .
 c " ' _ /
 utlllzanu currently a cepted medlcatlons_
 (Emphasis added)
 Clearly, marijuana induced reductions in IOP are
 comparable to, if not greater than_ the IOP reductions produced
 by other glaucoma control drugs.
 Keith Green also attempts to articulate a Hnewn
 .... _ii standard when_ during cross examination he asserts that more than
 IOP reduction must be demonstrated in order to determine if a
 drug is of therapeutic value in glauco_a therapy:
 537/ Hepler Exhibit 2 nAAO Information Statement _ at 2.
 5/8/ Cross_examination of Keith Green, Ph®Do_ Tr. 9_i18.
 539/ Affidavit of Keith Green, Ph. Do, Exhibit 7.
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