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 pressure is the only factor w_ know o_ which
 effects the course of the disease. If the
 • pressure can be lowered sufficiently_ it
 ...._ usually alters the course of the disease.
 Therefore, most persons conclude that the
 treatment of glaucoma is simply lowering the
 intraocular pressttTe. This i_s not neces-
 sarily the case_ In treating glaucoma, we
 must attempt to protect and preserve t_he
 "_ - optic nerve. By simply lowering intraccular
 pressure, we_Rnothing to strengthen the
 optic nerve. _I (Emphasis _ded)
 Is Spaeth suggesting the only _accepted _ medical
 therapies for glaucoma should involve drugs known to mstrengthen
 the optic nerve? _ Xf so, then all existing and #accepted _ mode5
 of glaucoma treatment would be deemed _Ineffective u because_ as
 .i_ has been noted above, all existing medical therapies for the
 treatment of glaucoma have only one pu_poser the reduction of
 This issue came up during Keith Greenes cross-exami-
 nation by Mrs Zeese. Mr. Zeese asks_ "Isn't it true there are no
 glaucoma drugs that strengthen the optbz nerve? N Green
 responds_ #Not that we are aware of, but I don't know how to test
 for thato "53_/
 The American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO) seeks to
 redefine the existing standard in the following way:
 To be a useful mode of therapy for giaucom&,
 a drug ... that reduces intraocular pressure
 must ... reduce the pressure _sufficiently to
 prevent optic nerve damage. There is evi-
 dence that marijuana o._ can lower intraocu-
 lar pressure. How,vats there are no
 conclusive studies to date to indicate that
 marijuana .®. can safely and _sffectively
 _35./ /_d. at 5o
 536/ Cross-examination of Keith Green, Ph.D., Tr. 9-71.
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