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 the maximal fall at a_gximately two hours
 after administration® _
 Green is equally candid during cross-examination by
 Mr. Zeese. After reading the above testimony back to Keith
 Greene Mr° Zeese asks, mDo you still agree with that statement?
 _ Green responde_ wYeaho_
 Zeese: [Y]ou say, _Ct_here is little
 dispute° # Does that mean that generally
 people who are involved in treating the eye
 agree with that statement?
 Green= They would agree with that statement
 based upon the studies that are presented_
 Zeese: So other people who are involved in
 treating the eye accept that marijuana
 produces a fall in eye pressure?
 Green: Yeah.
 Zeese: [A] fall in eye pressure is the only
 [glaucoma_ treatment for preventing loss of
 visual field . _ o?
 Green: If one reduces the intraocular
 pressure_ the chances are that youere not
 going to=_ a change in visual fields
 correct. _-_I
 In his direct testimony Green emphatically states,
 n[T]here is no ql_estion that smoking of marijuana . . . lead to
 a fall in intraocular pressure. _-_/
 Reduction of intraocular pressure is the universally
 accepted standard for determining the _lerapeutic utility of all
 medically-accepted glaucoma control the_capies. As discussed_
 _27/ Affidavit of Keith Green, Ph.D_ at 9-10.
 _2_/ Cross_examination of Keith Greens. Ph. Do, Tr. 9-125 & 9-126_
 .... _: 529/ Affidavit of Keith Green, Ph. Do, at I0o

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