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 Through his investigations, Dr. Merritt was able to
 identify how improper marijuana inhalation affected blood
 pressure and, as Ms. Shirley states, asoive the problem. #
 Glaucoma therapies are not without risk and may cause
 serious, even life-threatening adverse effects_ As suggested
 above, these effects include, but are not limited to myopia,
 cataracts, gastric ulcer, renal stones, bone ma_ow depletion,
 fatigue, severe depression, loss of appetite, hypertension,
 hallucination, detached retina, and death due to respiratory,
 caDdiac or renal failure. Within this context, marijuana_s known
 side effects appear to be tolerable and the dru_ is well
 tolerated by patients_ Given the gravity of the disease and its
 consequences_ and the medical and surgical therapies already
 accepted for use in the medical treatment of glaucoma, marijuana
 iii is asafe m for use under competent medical supervision.
 4. Marijuana Satisfies NDA Requirements As A Safe
 an_ Effective Intra_cca_c__vDertensive.
 There is no question that marijuana produces Ra
 consistent, dose-related, clinically significant # reduction in
 intraocular pressure. _2_-_/ Keith Greene Ph.D_ testified:
 There is little dispute that, on the basis of
 these studies_ marijuana [smoking] cause[s]
 an acute fall in intraocular pressure at a
 maximum fall of approximately 30% from base-
 line values. The fall in intraocular pres-
 _i sure lasts for approximately 4_5 hours, with
 _2_/ ACT Official State Reports, Vol. II, Exhibit i0, New
 Jersey Glaucoma Protocol, at 23 (quoting mMarijuana and Health:
 Fifth Annual Report to the U.So Congress # (R. Peterson ed.
 1976) ) o

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