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 well tolerated by most patients_ There were, in fact,
 surprisingly few adverse effects repo_:ed by _hese investigators,
 and the majority of such reports occurred while patients were
 employing synthetic THC pills, not inhalation marijuanas
 -_ _hile numerous side effects {coughing/sore
 throat, eto) are mmntioned_ none of the reports from medical
 studies of marijuanaSs use in reducing emesis or lowering IOP
 appear to involve clinically si_nificar_ adverse effects (i.eo,
 d_age to major organ syste_ or other physically debilitating
 consequences which render the patient non-functional or seriously
 -- One concern involves patient acceptance of the
 therapy° Nhile no such data are available specific to
 marijuana_s IOP !cwering properties, Michigan evaluated patient
 acceptance and found that cancer patients often preferred
 marijuana to more conventional antiemetic drugs. 522/
 _ The only cautionary note_ concerns marijuanaFs
 ..... _
 potential affects on blood pressure as reported by Drs° John
 Merritt and William Crawford. Merritt and Crawford report a
 small number of patients given synthetic THC in oral form cannot
 -_ tolerate the dz_/g_s intense, often negative psychic effects.
 They also report synthetic THC and marijuana can cause a sudden_
 sharp decline in blood pressure° _21_/
 522/ ACT Official State Reports, Volume II, Exhibit 9, at I0_
 Michigan Therapeutic Research Program.
 52_/ ACT Scientific Journal Articles, Exhibit C9, Merritt, John
 C., Crawford_ William J._ Alexander, Paul, Anduze, Alfred, L., &
 Gelbart, Solomon S., #Effect of Marijuana on Intraocular and
 = 164 -

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