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 There are no clinically derived indications marijuana
 is _nsafe # for use tunder medical supervision. More
 specifically, none of the published studies on marijuanaSs IOP_
 lowering properties -_ a record covering nearly two decades of
 research conducted at a number of institutions and involving
 hundreds of research subjects and thouaands of Wtreatment
 episodes # (_, exposures to the drug) _ report any deaths due
 to marijuana inhalation. !ndeede there is no evidence in the
 record to suggest even one of the hundreds of research subjects
 or patients involved, in these studies encountered any debili-
 tating short_term or long=term adverse effects which required
 hospitalization or any other form of aggressive medical
 This record of minimal side effects also extends to
 research in other therapeutic areas_ notably marijuana_s use in
 the reducction of emesis_ These studies have involved nearly a
 thousand patients receiving marijuana under many differing
 ..... protocols ranging from highly controlled clinical settings to
 patient use on an out=patient basis. No lethal responses.
 Any critical review of the various medical reports and
 state studies with regard to marijuana_:_ potential adverse
 effects suggests past concerns over marijuana's safety for use
 under medical supervision have been greatly exaggerated°
 -- Reports from scores of physicians and investi-
 gators working in ontology and ophthalmology, and from state-
 authorized programs in New Yorks Michigan, New Mexico, Georgia,
 Californian and Tennessee_ indicate marijuanas when smoked, is
 - - C a2.,q3

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