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 (more than one year) to control their elevated intraocular
 pressures. In one instanter Me_itt closely followed a glaucoma
 patient (Robert Randall) over a period of fourteen months. _AT/
 Merrittss evaluations from the period (1976-78) included close
 monitoring of this patient's IOP responses to cannabis therapy and
 included an analysis of the effects of 'these lOP reductions on
 this patient's retention of visual field_ 5_I_/ Through his
 continuing study, Dr_ Merritt followed several other glaucoma
 patients who employed marijuana under his supervision for even
 longer periods of time. Lackinq licit access to marijuana,
 however, many of these patients were forced to fend for
 themselves at some point in Merrittes evaluations. 5_9-/
 b. Marijuanaes Safety for Use Under Medical
 Supervision in the Treatment of Glaucoma
 There is a vast body.of literature on marijuana_s
 physical and psychological effects. _-_-q/ There is also highly
 specific and very extensive scientific information on marijuana_s
 safety for medical use in numerous therapeutic settings_ 521/
 517/ Affidavit of Dr. John Merritt, _ 14-15.
 51_/ _. at _ 27-31.
 5_2_Q/ ACT Official State Reports, Volume Xl, New Jersey Glaucoma
 Protocol at 39, (Ma_uana: ...... An Annotate_. Biblio_raDhv, Waller_
 ..L Coy W., etal., New York, 1976. This reference work, produced by
 the Research Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences (RIPS) at the
 University of Mississippi, contains 3045 abstracted entries of
 scientific and medical journal articles on cannabis which were
 published from 1964 through 1975o)
 521/ _. at 40.

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