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 marijuana_e therapeutic applicability as an intraocular anti-
 hypertensive drug,
 Through his observations of acute_ short term lOP
 response to marijuana inhalation among approximately fifty
 glaucoma patients, Mer_itt was-able to reconfirm Hepler's
 findings while more fully evaluating marijuana°s IOP response in
 a diseased populations and observe possible complications or
 contraindications which Hepler and earlier researchers might have
 failed to detect_
 For example, Dro Merritt identified and called
 attention to one possible complication not noted by Hepler,
 namelys a sharp fall in blood pressure experienced by a number of
 patients after administration of marijuana. _-I_/ Through addi-
 tional investigations Merritt discovered this effect was not
 inherent to marijuana or to smoking, but to the way marijuana is
 smoked. By moving patients off of a st:rictly standardized
 smoking routine, and by having his patients smoke marijuana in..a
 pipet Merritt was able to completely eliminate this potentially
 irksome_ but not clinically serious side effect. _I-_/
 Second, Dr. Merritt was able to follow approximately
 ten glaucomatous individuals who chronically smoked marijuana
 obtained from legal and/or illegal sources over long periods
 __i__/ ACT Scientific Journal Articles_ Exhibit C9, Merritt, JohD
 C., Crawford, William J._ Alexander_ Paul, Anduze, Alfred, Lo,
 Gelbert, Solomon S._ _Effect of Marijuana on Intraocu!ar and
 R Ophthalmology, American Academy of
 Blood Pressure in GlaucomaG ....
 Ophthalmology, Vol_ 87, No. 3 Mar°, 1980, at 222-28o
 __I__/ Cross-examination Merritt_ Tro i0_120 & i0_121; I0_99 at

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