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 Department of Ophthalmology at the Unive_ity of North Carolina
 at Chapel Hill. 51!/
 There were two significant differences between Dr.
 Hepler°s earlier investigations and Dr. Merrittas later study.
 First, Merritt's study excluded norm0-tensive and ocular
 hypertensive persons and was exclusively populated by diseased
 patients with abnormally elevated IOP_s and/or a clinical
 diagnosis of chronic open-angle glaucoma_ 5-III
 Seconds Dr. Merritt_s study included many acute_ short_
 term, highly controlled, in-hospital evaluations of marijuana's
 effects on the IOP response of glaucoma patients, 51_/ and several
 chronic, very long-term evaluations of marijuana's utility as a
 mode of therapy_ _/ Dr_ Hepler, as indicated above, seldom con-
 ducted acute sh0rt-term evaluations (the majority of his data
 ...... _ °coming from clinically contained research subjects involved in 34
 day and 90 day trials). Hepler also never publicly reported any
 data relating to marijuana_s treatment _tility in the long term
 management of IOP in glaucomatous patients_
 The purpose of Dr. Merritt_s study was not to confirm
 Dro Hepler_s earlier findings which were already widely accepted_
 but to augment and amplify the available medical knowledge on
 511/ Affidavit of Dr. John Merritt_ _ 22-23_ 34_37, 47.
 5_12/ /_. at _ 24-26.
 __I// /__. at _ 48_53. Dro Merritt outlines the way patients
 were evaluated in his University of No_:h Carolina program.
 Discussions of controls and procedures.
 514/ /__. at 23.
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