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 related_ clinically significant decline in intraocular
 pressure .... _iQ/
 The UCLA/Stein lOP program de_onstrated marijuana, when
 smoked, significantly reduces human intraocular pressure. This
 fact has been demonstrated in highly co_rolled scientific trials
 conducted over a period of years which encompassed a statis-
 ticallyviable research population. Dr. HeplerSs evaluations on
 both normo-tensive research subjects and patients afflicted with
 .... glaucomarevealed a consistent pattern of IOP reduction in both
 groups. Confirmatory investigations conducted by a number of
 federally approved researchers at major research centers around
 the nation, and the journal comments of these investigators and
 of practicing ophthalmologists, all reached the same
 conclusion =- marijuana significantly lowers IOP.
 Significantly, all of these studies validated Dr.
 Hepler_s initial observations and UCLA/Stein research findings.
 Most important of all, the Government_ in this proceeding has not
 introduced a single federally-approved study that reached a
 contrary finding°
 As the UCLA/Marijuana Research ProjectSs XOP
 investigations wound downs Dr. John Merritt undertook the next
 phase of research. Dr. Merritt_s study, which continued with
 almost no interruption from 1976 to 1985, started at Howard
 University_ Washington, D®Co_ and was later relocated to the
 ;,. 510/ /__. at 23.

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