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 30% among those smoking natural marijuana [of] 2% THC
 [potency]. _506/ In an important aside Dro Hepler and Robert
 Petrus also confirm Perez-Reyes's earlier observation that a
 I n_1_ber of cannabinoids are responsible for marijuana's unique lOP
 lowering properties:
 Those smoking the placebo cigarette
 [marijuana devoid of delta_9-'l_CJ also
 experienced an average 10% reduction in XOP
 indicating that marijuana witi_out THC may
 contain other cannabinoids whi_ay have
 caused the reduction [in IOP].
 At the conclusion of the UCLA/Stein evaluation of the
 lOP reducing effects of marijuana and s[_nthetic delta-9-THC in
 late 1976, the UCLA/Marijuana Research Project had conducted
 evaluations on 425 individuals. 50s/ Throughout the United States
 more than 500 research subjects had been evaluated° 509/ All of
 these federally-authorized evaluations concluded marijuana and/or
 One or more of the cannabinoids were highly effective intraocular
 antihypertensive agents.
 As the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA)
 decisively states in the 1976 edition of the Marijuana & Health
 _eDort to CongreSS_ HMarijuana produces a consistent_ dose-
 5_Q__/ ACT Scientific Journal Articles_ Exhibit C5, Hepler,
 Robert S. & Petrl_s_ Robert J._ _Ocular Effects of Marihuana
 Smokingr W II _halrmacolo_v of Marijuanas 816_ (1976) o
 _9.Z/ _. at 816o
 ....... __Q__/ ACT Official State Reports_ Volux_e IX_ Exhibit i0_ New
 Jersey Glaucoma Protocol at 22_
 50_/ //_. at 22.
 _- 158 -

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