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 Additional confirmation of marijuana_s andlor THC_s
 lOP-lowering properties came fromother studies conducted by a
 number of investigators, including Green & Podos, 502/ _rnell &
 Gregg_ 5-q3/ and Cooler & Gregg. 5-Q-_/
 In November_ 1975_ Dr. Hepler and Robert Petrl_s
 reported additional findings to a Conference on the Therapeutic
 Aspects of Marijuana held in Asilomar, California:
 Patients with proven glaucoma frequently,
 __. although not invariably, demonstrate
 substantial decrease in lOP following the
 smoking of marijuana _ o . 2__r____/_i
 reducina effects.appear to beoaddit_ve to
 %he effects of conventional q!auco_
 I me_lications_ (emphasis added) hence providing
 a basis for continued interest in the
 possible therapeutic effects_f marijuana i__
 the treatment of_chronic s_mp_9___qlA_qcomao_
 (Emphasis added)_U_l
 In a review of the data gained from the six-year long
 UCLA/Stein lOP programs Dr. Hepler and Robert Petrus report that
 marijuana consistently reduced ocular tensions in both normal
 subjects and glaucomapatientso nIOP dropped on an average of
 502/ ACT Official State Reports_ Volume Ii_ Exhibit I0, New
 Jersey Glaucoma Protocol at 21 (quoting Green K, & Podos, SoM.,
 WAntagonism of the Arachidonid Acid-lnduced Ocular Effects of
 Delta-9-Tetrahydrocannabinol_ # /_gtive ODhthalmoloqy, June_
 503/ /__. at 21o (quoting P_rnell, W.D_ & Gregg, J.M.,
 WDelta_9-Tetrahydrocannabinol, Euphoria and Intraocular Pressure
 in Mane n Annals o$ ODhthalmoloqy , July_ 1975o)
 _Q4/ ___. a_ 21. (quoting Cooler, Pc, & Gregg_ J.M. "The
 ..... i Effects of De!ta-S_Tetrahydrocannabinol on Intraocular Pressure
 in Humans, # 2he Therapeutic Potential of Mari_uana, So Cohen &
 R.C. Stillman (eds.). New York, Plenum Medical Book, 1976)
 _Q_/ ACT Scientific Journal Articles, Exhibit C4, Heplers
 Robert So & Petzn/s, Robert J., _Experiences with Administration
 of Marijuana to Glaucoma Patients. _ "Therapeutic Potential of
 Marijuanas _ Cohen & Stillman, eds., i%76_ p.74.
 - 157"- _;i_'_

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