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 Two and a half hours later her lOP was 17 mm Hg_; a decline of
 more than 40%. _-/
 By December, 1972, Drs. Hepler, Frank and Ungerleider
 reported their results after testing a group of twenty_one normal
 After smoking marij uana, the subjects d_on-
 strafed conjunctival hyperemia, reduced tear
 secretion, and a substantial decrease in
 intraocular pressure .... Xntraocular
 premsures were measured by applanation
 _ tonometry .... One hour after smoking
 ...... _ marijuana, most subjects demonstrated an
 impressive dec_ge in intraocular pressure
 averaging 24%. _a_J
 While the UCLA/Stein evaluations continued, and grew to
 include additional glaucoma patients, physicians began reporting
 similar findings and other investigators initiated confirmatory
 Dr. D. Shapiro, an ophthalmic practitioner, reported in
 ODbthalmoloaica on his examination of approximately 350 n0rmo-
 tensive patients who reported smoking marijuana. 496/ Among his
 _ marijuana-smoking patients, Dr. Shapiro found consistently lower
 IOP's than would be expected among a randomly selected group of
 patients. _9-1/ According to Shapiro, patients who reported
 494/ /A. at 18
 495/ ACT Scientific Journal Articles_, Exhibit C2, Hepler_ Rober_
 S_, Frank, Ira M._ & Ungerleider, J.To, RPupillary Constriction
 After Marijuana Smoking_ w American Jou_nal of ODhtha!molocD[ , Noo
 6, i185_ II_6-87 (Dec. 1972).
 496/ ACT Scientific Journal Articles, Exhibit C3, Shapiro_ D._
 #The Ocular Manifestations of the Cannabinols, _ QDhthalmoloaica_
 168, 366-69, 1974o
 497/ /_o et 368
 - 154 =

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