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 demonstrated that marijuana and several of the plant's major
 constituent chemicals significantly reduce intraocular pressure.
 a. __c__t__icStudies
 In I%70_ the University of California at Los Angeles
 (UCLA) initiated a federally-approved study funded by the
 National Institute on Mental Health (NIMH) to investigate
 marijuana_s effects on various aspects of human physiology.
 .... _
 Studies conducted within the UCLA/Marijuana Research Project were
 double blind, placebo controlled evaluationso 489/
 The discovery that marijuana smoking significantly
 reduces human intraocular pressure was made serendipitously by
 researchers seeking to resolve a trivial question -_ the effect
 of marijuanats smoking on pupil sizeo _/ Prior to the UCLA
 studies, it was widely believed marijuana smoking caused the
 pupils to dilate. The UCLA researchers set out to scientifically
 answer this question. Ocular evaluations in the UCLA program
 were performed by Dro Robert S. Hepler_ an ophthalmologist at the
 Jules Stein Eye Institute. When Hepler evaluated the initial
 results of the UCLA pupillary study he found marijuana did not
 cause pupillary dilation. Instead, Dr. Hepler found marijuana
 ...... : ___/ ACT Official State Reports_ Volume IIs Exhibit I0, New
 Jersey Glaucoma Protocol at 15.
 %_Q/ ACT Scientific Journal Articles, Exhibit C2p Heplere Rober%
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